Saturday, July 26, 2014


Comfort ye, comfort ye my people,
saith your God.
Isaiah 40:1 (KJV)

Sometimes I have to read in King James.  The forms of speech hold more information for me.  This is imperative - YOU need to comfort my people.  You meaning us.  We need to provide comfort.  And the tense isn't past, it isn't present.  It's future.

The future is now.
Comfort each other.
It's part of God's will.

Blessings on your weekend.

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  1. I often read the KJV...and AMP... and it fills us with clear understanding. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh! Amplified is fun, too! Do you also read commentaries about passages? Sometimes I need to see different 'expert' opinions before I feel I've grasped the message of a particular scripture. I am so glad for today's technology - so many different resources available at the touch of a key... it's amazing! I'm glad you could stop by.


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