Sometimes what I want to say doesn't come out in a narrative, or an essay.  Or a story.  Sometimes it needs setting apart.  Special treatment.

Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, once wrote that he thought earthly music was fallen poetry from heaven and that earthly poetry was fallen prose from heaven.  I like the idea that poetry exists as the common language of heaven.

Following are first lines and titles of poems from Finding Joy.  If you want to read them complete - you will need to click on the title link.

Reach            Reach out.

There Will Be Change              Like a breath of mountain rain

We Are God's                    The promise of Fall

Just Beginning                  Reflected in the mirror, those wordly-blue eyes

Always Faithful               Been waiting for Spring

The Word                 I can't get over the Word

Autumn's Canvas            Rain fell yesterday

can you imagine?            i saw a music video

Inside This House            Inside this house

For Us, Red                ... like the rubbery beard of a rooster, folded and wrinkled,

Would I?                    Would I answer the call

A Bus Ticket to Heaven             I wish I could buy a bus ticket to heaven

Truth               In the beginnning

Season of Singing                 If I invented color

Even Weeds            It's a weed

Wings of Morning                Getting ready for school

It Had to Be                    You took the forty lashes; you wore the thorny crown.

Carry Me Home                Tell me a story, Daddy

The Coming of Robins               We are about to lose Winter for the year

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