Tuesday, October 1, 2013

can you imagine?

i saw a music video.  
sound was on, all the words running together 
and the bass thumped thumped from the box, 
through the floor, and drove me.  

the music drove me, 
but the images remained.  
i can't remember the song;
i can't remember the artist.  
it's the images.

there's someone talking, 
hands waving, 
body posture all tight 
and wound up.  

bullets from their lips.  
streaking across a room, 
across a road, 
across a field.  

embedded in our words.  
escaping from our lips.  
shot from our mouths.  

The words of the reckless pierce like swords, 
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Proverbs 12:18

and i want to see the other side of this video.  
i want to see love in our words.  
so much love that it escapes 
- tendrils of love escaping from our lips.  
from our mouths.  
like beams of light.  
like falling stars 
- streaking across a room, 
across a road, 
across a field.   

i want to see wisdom 
flowing like cool hands on a hot day.  
like cold, clean water, 
crisp and refreshing.  

i want to see hope 
like a new leaf, 
unfurling in the springtime.  
like a rosebud, 
unmasking velvety-soft petals in a shy pageant.  

i want to see encouragement 
in rainbow array, 
spilling out in playful waves.

can you imagine?  

God, help me speak rainbows today, not bullets.  
Help my words be words that heal, that bring hope, that love.
Jesus, help me tame my tongue to your service.

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  1. Dear sweet Janet
    Oh, how I love your poem. I once read something that stayed with me ever since; we were created with one mouth and two ears! So let our words be few and filled with Jesus' Life and may we be blessed with ears that not only listen, but also with a heart that truly hears! Oh, your words cot deep to the bone, thanks.
    Blessings XX

    1. Mia, I heard that, too. So true! Maybe it's our hearts that need to be connected to our mouths...imagine if we felt first, what we were going to say before it blurted out... I wonder if knowing how our words feel would give us pause? Blessings to you as well. Janet


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