About Me

You know how sometimes you just can't answer a question one way?  You see multiple answers - all of them right, 
even when some are contradictory.  
That's me!  
I have a hard time describing 
who I am because I feel 
like there are many me's...
Here are the simple facts:

  • I am a military wife; it defines some of my choices.
  • I am a mother; my daughter has Down Syndrome.  
  • Our family does not live an entirely typical life.
  • Our home is wherever our family is, where the Army sends us.
  • I have a Bachelor's Degree, a Post-Bac Teaching Certification, and a Master's in Education; none of these have to do with the writer I wanted to be when I grew up - Imagine!
  • I am not entirely a grown-up.
  • I was raised up Methodist on all sides and for many generations.
  • I left the church for close to 20 years denying the existence of God.
  • Lost years.  
  • My logic was flawed. 
  • I was oh-so-wrong. 

So now I stick with Theology 101.  

God is God and I'm not.  

He is supernatural.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a work in progress.

Thank you.
Thank you for visiting.
I would love to get to know you better.
I invite you to comment, question, wonder, share.
I am here.

                                           With Great Joy,



  1. Janet, you sound like a fascinating person....so glad God got you back in 'Theology 101'--He is so patient.
    Your daughter is beautiful!

    1. I sound more confused, conflicted, and indecisive, than fascinating - but thank you! I didn't share all of the different 'careers' I've had - teaching lasting the longest - so it seems we have much in common.

      I'm glad God brought me back as well. Amazing Grace!

      Poetry grows in your thoughts, doesn't it? I enjoyed your 'Scarlet Cord' - this especially -

      "a cord with the color of life,
      made by a weaver who dyed it red with blood.
      Woven with the loom of love,
      a lifeline coming my way,"

      Jesus is, literally, a lifeline. You said it well.

      Thank you - yes, my daughter truly IS beautiful - inside and out and she has richly blessed our lives and the lives of the people she meets.

      I am glad you stopped by and left me a note on this page. I enjoy getting to know new people and hope our relationship will grow. You have kind eyes and a beautiful smile.



I know we probably haven't met in person, but I believe that the sharing of our ideas and thoughts, sometimes our hearts and souls, makes us more than strangers. I would like to say friends. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to my little space - I appreciate you.