Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Friendship of God Upon My Tent I was in my autumn days, when the friendship of God was upon my tent;
Job 29:4

I can feel it coming.  The air is cooler in the morning, the early, early morning, before the sun, before the birds.  It refreshes.  Like a tall glass of water, droplets condensed like pearls on the outside.  Sipping cool.  This air, this time is meant to be sipped.  Savored.  Enjoyed.

The dogwood trees are changing, losing the brilliant green of summer, the rich verdant-velvet cloak they've worn since the crucifixion-of-spring petals dropped away.  Between the leaves are new berries, some still green, but turning.  Changing daily to a rich, robust red, the color a harbinger of refinement to come.  The leaves themselves are rusting, slowly, like slate steps in mist.  Steps leading through the passage of time.

I, too, am changing  I can feel it coming.  Easily persuaded to watch the rites of Spring - memories of my own participation vivid, yet distant.   The effervescence, the exuberant movement of the youth.  Elastic.  Vibrant.  Noisy.  Full of joy.  I savor this sip of time.

I savor the time of summer, too.  The time of maturity, responsibility, love and parenthood.  Thirst quenched by summer rains of rich blessings, family gatherings, and friends.

Autumn is almost upon us.  Almost upon me.  Rich in color, refreshing and cool.  Peaceful.  Leaves let go of the branches that hold them.  Let go and fall, freely, to rest quietly on the ground.  Still.  Like God's hand, cushioning sound and seed, blanketing, protecting.  I feel the friendship of God.

In his suffering, Job looked back at the blessings he had once taken for granted; his wealth, the ease of his life, respect from old and young, rich and poor.  In his memories, he didn't the know the trials his future was to hold.  We don't know the trials our futures will hold.  But we know our God and He knows us.  We know our Jesus, who died so we could call Him ours.  Job suffered.  In the midst of his suffering, in the midst of his pain, he got down on his knees and praised God.  Amazing love!  In the midst of crying out to God in his pain, he called on the name of Jesus.  I know that my Redeemer lives!  Amazing grace!

Time passes; it circles; it folds upon itself again and again.  Seasons.  On earth as in heaven.  Seasons in the year.  Seasons in our lives.  Seasons in Jesus.  Seasons in eternity.  We are born.  We grow.  We laugh, we cry, we change.   Today, I thank God for his friendship upon my tent.  I thank God for seasons.

Father God, thank you for helping us to grow in You.  Thank you for changes.

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  1. I just got done reading Job last week. Loved this. :)

    1. Thank you. I keep finding myself going back to Job - for so many reasons. Sometimes just for the poetry. Sometimes for his example. Sometimes, for the friendship, sometimes just to commiserate. No matter the reason, it seems there's always something for me there....


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