So, new as I am to this blogging thing - I just started learning about link-ups.  I am going to compile a list of blog sites that have blog lists, or just the lists themselves on this page - as much for my sanity as for anything else.  I certainly haven't visited all of the link-ups, but I've found several I really enjoy.  Specifically, these are:

Hear It On Sunday - Monday
Mondays Musings - Monday
Soli Deo Gloria - Monday
Small Wonder - Monday
Tell Me a True Story - Monday
RaRaLinkup - Tuesday
Unite - Tuesday
TellHisStory - Goes up Tuesday afternoon
Three Word Wednesday - Wednesday
Coffee For Your Heart - Wednesday
The Weekend Brew - Thursday
Everyday Jesus - Thursday
5-Minute Friday  - Friday
Still Saturday - Saturday
Sunday Stillness - Sunday
Spiritual Sundays - Sunday - marriage and relationship

Thank you to the women who sponsor these linkys: Lisa Jo, Jennifer, Kate, Naomi, Sandra, Michelle, and Beth

Simply Helping Him

What Joy is Mine


An extra-special thank you to these ladies who are posting lists by days of the week:  Sylvia, Misty, Naomi, and Renee Ann.

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