Friday, September 5, 2014


This is 5-Minute Friday, where a bunch of writers take a one-word prompt and write about it for five minutes.  No editing, no polishing.  Just one word and go.  Today's prompt is Whisper.

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:1

The sun shone brightly on a warm Texas day.  A crowd was already gathered and I forgot about my camera in the looking.

There were young mothers, with waddling toddlers and babies in strollers.  Little hands clinging to the hems of mom's t-shirts or clutching stuffed animals close, some carrying sippy cups, some carrying flags.  I marveled at the tattoos - decorative, beautiful, graphic - on ankles and calves, on shoulders, across backs.  I marveled at the choice of permanent art on youthful skin, and wondered how these choices would look in ten years, in twenty.  Would they fade?  Would they fold in and out as the skin grew old and wrinkles?   Would they look like a dusty old canvas, or would they age elegantly like a fine wine?  I marveled.

There were grandparents, silver-haired and purposefully slow - protecting knees and hips from the slight unevenness of the grassy lawn.  Red, white and blue dominated the colors in the crowd - a show of patriotism, a show of support for the troops to come.

There were soldiers, in digital-camouflage, attentive eyes and courteous smiles.  They held the background and blended - peacekeepers and crowd shepherds.  Standing by the cordon ropes, positioned at the grandstand seating, directing, pointing, answering with 'Yes, M'am' and 'No, Sir'.  A polite and official presence in the waiting.

We were waiting for the white busses.  The transportation that would bring our soldiers home from a long year in a far off place.  Finally.

The crowd roared and clapped when the busses came.  My daughter waved her flag and then she burst into tears.  The waiting.  The soldiers disembarked for their final formation.  Flags raised, marching forward, only the faces individual in the wall of green.  The crowd hushed to a whisper waiting.  Waiting for the words they had come to hear.  Waiting for the real touch, the real voice, the soldier in the flesh.  Reunion.

And the words finally came - "...Dismissed.  Families, find your soldier...."

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Just a note - this post is based on my husband's homecoming from his second deployment.  Beth, I was thinking about you and your soon-to-be reunion with your deployed husband, as well as other military families who live through the separation of their loved ones in this life they've chosen.  I chose to include the first verse of Psalm 91 because it was my daily prayer for my husband's safety.  It is a good prayer.


  1. Oh I bet you could have heard a pin drop as everyone waited for the words of dismissal. Loved reading this, Janet!

    1. I guess it wasn't quite pin-drop quiet - maybe because it was outside - but there was a definite hush as the soldiers lined up facing the crowd. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Joann. They mean a lot. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a lovely post. I could just picture your daughter waiting for her daddy - the eagerness, and the tears when the wait seemed just too long. Beautiful picture of how Christians spend their lives on this earth in anticipation of being with their Father.

    1. The tears were a surprise - I hadn't expected my daughter to burst into tears as the busses pulled up, but she is an all-encompassing empath and we were literally swimming in a sea of amplified emotion. It was just too much! I love how you've taken this and used it as a metaphor for being with our Father. Imagine hearing those words - Dismissed (from your earthly life) - Cherished one, come to me. I am here for you! (Oh my goodness, just imagine the 'real'...) That IS a beautiful picture. Thank you for adding your insight.


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