Monday, August 26, 2013

Everything Fits

For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, 
and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”
Luke 10:24

Sometimes, things just fit.  The way they're supposed to.  Perfectly.  And I'm not talking about clothes, here.  I think everyone has this built-in meter that tells them 'this is right', 'this is all wrong', 'this needs a little tweaking'.  About a lot of different things.

The meter that says 'I love this photograph - no cropping needed.' And the meter that says 'oh! That harmony is perfect.'  The meter that says 'those words, put together in that way, are wonderful.'  The meter of silent applause at a job well done.  That meter.

Those things that fit - recognizing them when they happen - fill me with joy.

Like when I took a picture of the full moon - over the trees and out of the clouds - early, early in the morning.  In Virginia.  And another blogger, probably the same day, took a picture of the full moon in her backyard - over the trees and out of the clouds.  In Washington state.  The other side of the country - hours away.  We shared the moon.  I like the happenstance that just fit.

Like sounding out new music on the piano, and hearing the perfect transition chord from one key to the next.  And then playing the progression over just to hear it again.  Then finding out that my mother, halfway across the country, had been doing the same thing at her piano.  I like the way that fit, too.

Like seeing my daughter's face at a community choral concert that she picked out - captivated by the blend of voices and the music.  Classical music.  In German.  Sitting in her coral, lace covered dress, reaching across me to put her finger to her lips - and then pointing at the choir.  Captivated and in control.  My daughter's pure enjoyment fit.

Like reading Scripture this morning - and yet another passage that said 'don't worry - don't fear - don't be anxious'.  I needed that reminder this morning.  It was just right.  A perfect fit.

I wonder if my attitude, my outlook affects the way I see connections and relationships.  Maybe my meter would always be applauding something - I just don't always have it switched on.  I wonder, sometimes, if more things would fit with more awareness.

Like when you learn a new word.  And all of the sudden that word is everywhere, in everything.
Like when you master a new skill.  And all of the sudden you need to use that skill on a regular basis.

My family used to drive down from Flagstaff to Phoenix on the Black Canyon Highway.  We played a game, coming off of the Sunset Point plateau, as we headed into and through Black Canyon City.  Spot the first saguaro.  See, those sentinel cacti are very picky about altitude.  And soil.  First, the only visible cactus is the ubiquitous prickly pear.  But suddenly, there's one and then a hundred of the stately saguaro.  Once you see them, they are there.  Awareness.

Jesus understood awareness.  He understood attitude.  He understood outlook.  He tried, in every possible way, to show his purpose, his truth, and his love.   Parables, miracles and healing, teaching, chastising, praying...even dying.  In his life, everything fit.

Through Him, everything fits.

Heavenly Father, open my eyes; open my ears; open my mind; open my heart. To You.

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  1. "Through Him, everything fits."

    I love all your analogies of how we know when different things fit. And then Jesus--yes, through Him, all things fit. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This is so heart warming. Love it. Everything makes sense with Jesus. Our hearts and attitude make a lot of things not fit when they should sometimes.

  3. Lisa and Kim -
    thanks for your encouraging words. I usually write about attitude adjustments when I need them most. Go figure. But I know where to get it... I hope your days are full of fit! :-)

  4. Hi Janet! What a lovely reflection on being aware, when things 'just fit'. I love your car game, we used to do that too, as a child, and then with our kids.

    I used to live in Tucson, so there were a lot of saguaro's around, but I didn't know they were picky about where they grew. Thanks for that info too.

    Happy Monday!

  5. Hi Ceil,
    Thanks for visiting! I'll bet you also played the alphabet game, and the license plate game, and have you ever heard of geography? We also used to sing a lot on our trips. Thanks for reminding me of how much fun we had!

    I still have family in Tucson - the desert is a different kind of beauty, isn't it? Saguaros grow from 500 ft to 3500 ft - and something about the soil restricts them to the Sonoran desert. Cool, huh?
    Happy Wednesday (already!)

  6. Yes, with Jesus, everything fits. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing at WJIM. Blessings to you.

    1. Naomi,
      Thanks for sponsoring the link! What a wonderful community of writers - encouraging and mind-opening.


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