Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today You Did Good

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You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  
But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 
that you may be children of your Father in heaven. 
Matthew 5:43-45

Sometimes I look at the news on television and just wish I could hide myself and my family from the sad, the cruel, the lost, the neglected.  From the evil.  Sometimes I wish that Newton's Third Law of Motion applied to current events as well - For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  That even if it didn't apply to actual events, at least it could be applied to the publicity of those events...something like For every bad news story, there will be an equal and opposite good news story.  I knew.  Oversimplification and wishful thinking.

But today, today was nice.  

Earlier this week, a man with an automatic and over 500 rounds of ammunition made his way past an elementary school security system into the front office of the school.  His intent was not a good one.  Thankfully, the students were evacuated safely; and the man stood down.  He was taken into custody before any real harm could be done.

The story could stop there.  The children were safe and the gunman was taken away.  But today we heard the rest of the story.  We heard the phone exchange between the 911 operator and the woman who called - the woman who works in the office at the school - the woman who was confronted by this gunman - the woman who walked with Jesus in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  

How do I know this?  Look.  Read; in this transcript you can touch the places the nails entered, see the sword wound, feel His presence, because Antoinette Tuff absolutely, even in fear, did the things that Jesus would do.

            The exchange between Tuff and the suspect was captured on a recording of a 
            911 call made by school officials to dispatchers.

           Tuff begins by telling Hill of her own struggles, including raising a disabled child 
           and losing her husband. The bookkeeper reassures him by saying he didn't hurt 
           anyone, hadn't harmed her and could still surrender peacefully.

          "We're not gonna hate you, baby. It's a good thing that you're giving up," Tuff says 
           after having Hill put his weapons and ammunition on the counter. Tuff tells Hill she 
           loves him and will pray for him

          "School employee helped avert tragedy in standoff"

I don't know how else to write of this thing - this good news thing - except to say that I am humbled by this woman's actions.  By Antoinette Tuff.  I am incredibly proud of her.

Today you did good
Reaching beyond rage
And violence.

Your calm voice of reason
Stretching across the gap
Of hopeless 

You shared your own story
Of struggle and loss
You saw the child lost inside 
A man uncherished

In the midst of fear
You gave that man your love
The love of Jesus

Today you did good.

Father God, thank you for holding us safely in your hand.  

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  1. HI Janet! Oh, you are so right. What a miracle that no one was harmed in that school. That secretary was AMAZING. I saw an interview with her on the news...right person, right time. God knows what he is about!

    What a happy day for all those parents.

    Good to see you!

  2. Hi Ceil,
    It's nice to see you again. AMAZING is right - in every way. I was so impressed with how calm she was with the man, how she continued to treat him with respect and dignity - calling him Sir.... Yes, happy day for all - even those of us watching who need 'good news' stories...
    Take care,

  3. AMEN! I'm so glad you wrote this, we do need to praise God for her brave actions!

    Thanks for linking up to Desire to Inspire

  4. Amanda,
    Yes, every time I hear her calm voice in the 911 call on the news, I think Amen! What a testimony to following Jesus.

    On another note, I'm kind of feeling my way through this 'linking' process and to blogging in general. Thank you for noticing that I'm new.


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